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Many events here at Firefly in Putney VT are small, often customized, gatherings. Sign up for my local list on home page or at bottom to not miss any. Larger events will be posted here as they become available.  

See “Our Sacred Landscape” starting January 20th, 2024

“Wild Earth, Wild Soul Daylong
April 20, 2024 9:15-5pm


This “time out of time” is about immersion in the sheer beauty of the land while connecting with a small group of fellow travelers in a unique way. Although short, many have considered it be a powerful introduction to the style and pace of my work.

We’ll feel the sacred energy of “walking in a good way”… listening to what the plants, animals, and even the stars, have to say. Wrapping ourselves in the stillness of the relatively wild… we’ll slow down and dip into the creative pool of our shared wisdom. This wisdom may show up in a variety of ways: making art and poetry, deeper nature awareness, shamanic journeying, meditating, singing, spending solo time in the forest, or simply expressing our gratitude for Life… And all against the backdrop of a planet experiencing incredible birth pangs.

Allowing the Spirit-that-flows-through-all-things to guide us, each of us will have an opportunity to contribute some of our gifts to a new tribe in the making. We’ll learn a little bit more of what it means to see with native eyes.

You’ll come away with a larger context for Earth-honoring culture, a deeper connection to the land and your fellow “two-leggeds”, and greater rootedness in the present moment. This is also a great introduction to the “look and feel” of a Wild Earth Intensive.


(Sliding scale but no one with sincere interest will be turned away for lack of money)

“Star Nations Yurtshop” TBA

Indigenous elders worldwide acknowledge our connection to the “Great Star Nations.” Many say we came from the Stars and indeed we are literally made of Stardust. Have you ever gazed at the night sky with awe and wonder, and maybe even longing? Have you ever felt the power of the constellations and planetary shifts? Imagine what we could learn and embody if we made a conscious effort to connect with these immense powers of the Universe!

About fifteen years ago, a Navajo elder in New Mexico led Sky and I to a huge petroglyph of two hands joining: one of them human and the other extra-terrestrial. This wise elder often referred to the “Star People” and his connection to them. What is our own personal relationship to the stars? Many of us have learned a sterile view of planets and stars where there is no soul. What if “star stuff” was full of wisdom and intelligence?

What if legends and prophecies about extra-terrestrial human origins could be remembered, not just read about in a book or being fortunate enough to listen to a Native elder?

In this day long immersion, we will do just that. Through shamanic journeying, ceremony, mindfulness, nature connection and a channeling of LuSTARA Energy, we can Re-Member the healing power of Star Consciousness. This can help re-energize our purpose, passions, and power as Conscious Creators. Together we can envision a more peaceful and harmonious future for Gaia and all her inhabitants.
This “yurtshop” will take place on a beautiful 10 acre parcel in Putney VT called Firefly about 4 miles from town center. When we are not in the yurt, our activities will be outside in nature.

Star Nations - An Immersion In Star Consciousness

Maximum 7 participants. Upon receipt, you will be given the exact location and a things-to-bring list. This is our approach to reciprocity and energy exchange. The suggested donation is refundable, can be reduced, or increased after the yurtshop is complete. This is our way of ensuring attendance yet staying within our energy exchange guidelines.

In the early 1990s, Cathy and Sky Otter (Bill) walked along a beach at the foot of a Mayan temple in Cozumel, Mexico. They realized simultaneously that they had a common mission to remember the sacred knowledge and share it with the people. Since then, they have worked together as workshop facilitators on a variety of creative projects with that mission as its basis. Now, post-Covid, they are again joining forces, excited to continue their exploration and sharing of Ancient Earth Wisdom.

For detailed information about the co-leaders, click on the images

Bill "Sky Otter" Pfeiffer