Spirit-Led Coaching

Ready to take a big step in your life? Do you need help being accountable?

“We usually don’t think that “mere listening” has the power to transform. Yet truly listening to another person—and that includes speaking at the right time—is part of sharing our love, the greatest power of all. We know the truth of this when we are on the receiving end of that love, and experience the incredible feeling of being heard and understood.

From Wild Earth, Wild Soul

Spirit-led coaching is for people who are highly motivated and want to get moving with their lives, and who also realize – at least intellectually – they are enough just the way they are. In fact, we are incredibly powerful beings connected to a vast web of seen and unseen energy. We are good, whole, and innocent at birth and never lose our core self throughout our lives. However, we undergo various traumas and take on social conditioning that clouds this truth. Our task, if we choose, is to gently clear the way so our inner sun can shine. This clearing is a multi-faceted process that takes place simultaneously on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. As your coach I’m here to provide you with a roadmap of that process, and to be your ally in full self-expression.

Yes, it sounds like healing and it is, but the focus, unlike my healing sessions and most other therapeutic methods, is outward expression. My goal is to help you express your unique personal mission – your soul’s calling – in the world. To do that means you are aligned with the Spirit within.

This is the place where joy, love, creativity, and enthusiasm reside. Isn’t this place where we really want to live?

As Martha Beck, coach extraordinaire, says: “Over and over, researchers studying happiness have found that the situational elements people crave—money, social status, possessions—don’t reliably lead to an experience of well-being. By contrast, learning to find joy in the present moment…increases life satisfaction, improves health, and allows us to live longer, more fulfilling lives.”

With that understanding we can get specific about what it is you want to do, or do more effectively and peacefully.

“The future belongs to those who believe  in the beauty of their dreams.” ––Eleanor Roosevelt

A big part of my approach in coaching is telling a different story. This is critical for success. Stepanie Tolan’s Change Your Story, Change Your Life explains why eloquently and humorously.

Phone sessions and/or Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime are effective and working in person is a great complement. When possible, I like to work with people in the forest/yurt here in VT. Nature is the ultimate healer. Either way, I will customize a comprehensive program to draw out and strengthen your gifts. Maybe you are feeling the call of the Spirit and are in need of mentoring on your path? If so, “spirit-led coaching” is for you. (It’s in quotes because what I can offer is much more than what those words may convey)

Contact me for an interview and we’ll determine if it is a good fit. If we decide to continue we’ll discuss the fee and committing to a minimum of four sessions. Please email me at bill@sacredearthnetwork.org or call (646-265-6268). Sliding scale $110-$170/hr. Longer sessions $50 for each additional 1/2 hour.


“Over the past few months you supported me to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life: to take the risk to live into my soul calling. You reflected back to me how much I have to bring to the work of healing the world. I send gratitude from my heart that you are doing your authentic spiritual work, and through that commitment are helping me to do mine.”
Elizabeth E. Meacham, PhD

“Thank you Bill, for bringing out the best in me and keeping me on track. Our sessions were life changing” – Brad Hyson

“I love working with you!”

– Karen Tempkin

“During our coaching, and later with the Wild Earth Intensive, I never felt this fully alive, connected, in touch with my emotions, and letting my behavior and appearance reflect my true self, I find myself caring less and less about what other people think! Thank you so much. It’s all been priceless.”

– Steve Young 

“Bill is a powerful mentor, coach and community-builder. He’s helped awaken, guide, energize and support aspects of my self and power that have been dormant or even hidden from me. Bill really sees people; he has a skill and art of truly knowing someone’s talents and growth points. I’ve seen him lovingly build and hold community in diverse groups, helping us all connect at so many levels. He’s full of Earth, Spirit and People Wisdom. Bill is a gem of experience and insight; a being deep with joy, celebration, play, sincerity and caring. As Joanna Macy would say, “…good medicine for the healing of our world!”

– Marc Lapin, PhD 

Sky Otter is a visionary with an infectious spirit who joyfully guides you to your best and brightest self. Through his coaching, Vision Quest, Wild Earth Intensive, mentorship and friendship he has helped me unearth, reconnect and remember the ancient wisdom I carry so that I can authentically rejoin the circle of life and help restore balance to our beloved Earth. I cherish the time I’ve had with him and look forward to many more years of co-creation.

– Kit McGinnis

One of the most impactful guides in my life. I would call Bill Pfeiffer’s work “heart guidance.” He certainly knows how to help to find that pathless path to one’s own heart, and collective heart, with zero personal prism.

– Olga Sher

Bill has those skills to help those inner stirrings come out into the open. I like his nurturing and direct manner. I felt safe to explore some restrictive challenges and safe to acknowledge what I’m really passionate about. There’s now more clarity, confidence, and enthusiasm to my direction in life.

– Dale Hunt

Working closely with Sky Otter this past year has been a transformative and deeply rewarding experience. His role as a mentor and teacher (and even cheerleader at times) has been instrumental in guiding me on my journey to rediscover my true nature. I initially sought out Sky’s coaching skills hoping to find direction and focus for reaching some big life goals and clarity of my soul’s purpose. Through our co-creative process that grew during our time working together, the rewards from personal growth have been immeasurable and have far exceeded my expectations. With his guidance, wisdom, and infectious zeal for living an ecstatic life, I have developed greater confidence, stepped into my power as a leader, and built a more solid foundation financially, physically, and spiritually from which to grow from and manifest my wildest dreams.

– Amy Sargent

Taking some deep breaths as I dance into this next phase of the journey! Thank you for the framing and for witnessing the process. Your support is deeply nourishing for me. 

— Sarah Belzile