Healing Sessions 

Ceremonial and healing yurt

Say yes to life!

Embrace your infinite energetic nature.

Transcend limiting beliefs and patterns.

Be who and what you truly are.

Release trauma

Healing sessions are empowering by connecting with, and ultimately, KNOWING, the incredible spiritual foundation that surrounds us and is in us.

These sessions use classic shamanic healing techniques: energy balancing, journeying, chanting, fire, drumming, crystals, accessing ancestral wisdom, herbs, and more (no plant or fungi ingestion). The main idea is that when we KNOW and feel that we are more than an isolated self– everything in life becomes clearer and our natural creativity is free to blossom. And if you don’t know already, I teach you how to pray. After working together using some of the methods above we may opt for using “Shamanic Breath” to facilitate healing.

Shamanic Breath is an outgrowth of Breath Release for Energy, Transformation and Healing (BRETH). BRETH is a technique taught to me over the course of 20 years by Harriet Rose Meiss, the dynamic and compassionate originator of this method. The “shamanic” portion of the name is brought to you by a dozen medicine people and shamans in Siberia and the Americas who have asked me to use some of their methods to help us— “the Younger Brothers” — change our dream.

Shamanic Breath is as an intention accelerator. That means that whatever you want to focus on in life will expand and manifest. Shamanic Breath magnifies your intention to love more deeply, become clear on work and relationships, increase abundance on all levels, resolve health issues, etc. The process is very safe and effective. As you take in more oxygen and start to feel the spiritual guidance that has been invoked, you are immediately open to the kind of healing energy most of us are not usually accustomed to experiencing. As humans, we are vast and expansive beings that are just beginning to discover our true power. My intent is to help people raise their consciousness (feel better and clearer!) during this period of intense planetary change. Let’s be as strong and balanced as possible! This way we can be of most benefit to the Earth and our fellow humans.

So, if you need help in getting to the next level of your soul’s calling–feeling the ecstasy of just being yourself– I look forward to hearing from you.

For more background see this informative interview with Mystic Mag.


A yurt in the the beautiful woods and fields of Putney, VT. Sessions are usually about hour and half but sometimes go longer. They include an initial clarifying discussion, setting an intention, and some integration time at the end. If you are interested in setting up a session email me at bill@sacredearthnetwork.org


Anywhere from 1-3 hours. The idea is for you to feel un-rushed so you can do what you need to do.


$150 and up on a sliding scale based on income but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Note 1

I offer Ecstasy Breath for groups. This usually happens as part of a longer healing weekend that has cultural repair and nature connection as a larger focus. Ecstasy Breath differs from Shamanic Breath, Re-Birthing, and Holotropic Breath by a focus on the PRESENT MOMENT and staying alert with eyes open (in contrast to going “under” into a deep, often cathartic, trance). It also focuses on the unity in community and brings groups closer together in a far more connected state than when they began. Like BRETH, it is a gift from the dolphins of Australia.

Note 2

All my one-on-one healing work is done without any substance ingestion.

Note 3

In general, shamanic, psychedelic, and breath work methods of healing, in the hands of compassionate, skilled practitioners, can provide a person with a life giving perspective on trauma– their own and the trauma in the collective. Sometimes, even one session can be life-changing.

This is important because if the focus is entirely emotional/mental which is usually the case in standard psychotherapy, a person’s soul guidance–their spiritual North Star–is often left out. For me, psychotherapy and the associated peer-counseling (RC), have been KEY in getting me to ease up my defenses and neurosis but they never could take me far enough. It is convenient that we have the terms transpersonal and personal to refer to these two healing approaches.


“A medicine session with Sky is a powerful, transformational experience. He creates a safe and supportive space to go deep into the emotional and spiritual realms. He guides with his heart, his intuition and his trust of Spirit. He brings joy, openness and sensitivity to his sessions. Sky’s work is a gift to the planet.”

— Cathy Pedevillano

“My work with Bill was very powerful. I had been working on retrieving a lost part of my soul prior to my work with him. I even did a ceremony, with some success, to reclaim this part. My shamanic BRETH session brought this work to a powerful conclusion – one where I completely experienced this retrieval with my whole being. The session was crucial for me to integrate this retrieval completely into my life – the integration was not just mental but into my whole body as well.”

— Jim Molloy

“I was fairly new to shamanic healing. One thing that I found amazing during my shamanic BRETH session with Bill was how I felt safely held and free at the same time. I was really impressed by Bill’s “connections”: so many forms of energy – and seemingly, just the “right” ones – were available to me during my time in the yurt. I felt less weighed down and more open to possibility at the end of the session; I find that I am able to return to that feeling regularly.”

— ­Kathleen Geary

“Bill took me on a marvelous healing journey that continues to sustain me. I felt totally safe and supported the whole time, and the messages I received from my helping spirits were loud, clear–and important! Bless you, Bill!”

— Dery Dyer

“I felt like time stopped. The intention I put out really settled deep and allowed some profound reflections to rise to the surface. Shamanic BRETH invigorated me and really allowed me to break through some blocked energy and experience a blissful state. Two weeks later it still lives vividly in my heart and mind.”

— Mike Iacona

”I feel such gratitude! With one foot solid in this physical realm, my spirit was invited to soar. My higher self held and lent it’s healing touch to my inner child’s wounds, reawakening and remembering the always BIG LOVE, that is my ancestors, my unborn child, all my relations, that is you, that is I, that is. Safely, we were in between the inhale and the exhale. Bill, thank you for walking me to the door, and for being by my side through and out. You remind me how safe and graceful the journey always is. Aho!”

— Nika Fotopulos-Voeikoff