The Altai Mountains of Siberia

Indigenous Wisdom in the Altai Mountains of Siberia
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Experience a remarkable culture in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Be at the forefront of spiritual, cultural, and ecological renewal with Siberian shamans and elders.

Take part in a succesful trip that changes lives.

This is an adventure for those who believe we have the ability to influence humanity’s future relationship with the Earth.  Take a powerful inner and outer journey into the heart of Siberian shamanism.  Walk this ancient road of wisdom. Learn to energize directly from the elements and to live in greater harmony and in communication with the Earth and other living beings.

Siberia is a land of stunning contrasts; the Siberian steppe and transitional desert areas; the taiga and the tundra, the world ‘s largest forest; mountainous regions inhabited with rare plant and animal species, the home of the threatened snow leopard; seasonal temperature extremes ranging from 100 degrees above zero to 70 below.


In the Altai we will travel to ancient ceremonial sites, cliffs strewn with petroglyphs, stone circles, and caves that have seen human habitation for more than 60,000 years. Be immersed in wild Nature; live close to the land and travel with Altai shamans, elders, and the gentle locals. Open your heart to the ancient, ancestral spirits and the energetic gateways of the land. Experience honoring the Spirit World of the Altai and learn how to harness the life force in order to direct your own energies for positive results.

While in the Altai, drink from the sacred Katun and Chui Rivers, learn about Siberian ecology and what can be done to preserve this magnificent territory for future generations. On the journey home, take in the juxtaposition of Old Russia against Soviet period architecture in the famous “Red Square” of Moscow.


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Listen to music from the Altai: Ere Tchui by the band AltaiKai.

Ere Tchui

Price: $3390 includes visas, airtickets Moscow-Barnaul-Moscow and most expenses except roundtrip airfare to Moscow. 15% of the profits will be used to preserve cultural and biological diversity of the Altai.

$750 Reserves Your Place (Pending Application), maximum 12 participants.