Lake Baikal 2022
(cancelled due to war)

Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia 2022

Since 2002 I have been guiding people to “shamanic” Siberia—a vast land of unparalleled natural beauty and spiritual power. In 2022 I continue this devotion focusing on magnificent Lake Baikal and environs. Lake Baikal, a miraculous, inland sea, rivals the Grand Canyon in sheer jaw-dropping grandeur–possessing at times an otherworldly feel. On previous trips I have often asked myself: “How could this place really be!?” That astonishment is understood when you realize Lake Baikal holds 1/5th of the world’s liquid fresh water! From a shamanic perspective, water– that mysterious liquid light, what the Lakota call Life itself– is concentrated in that part of Russia to such a degree that it cannot help but transform a sensitive and receptive individual. You will not be the same person when you return.

While there, we will take part in a variety of ceremonies, meet with Native Buryat and Evenki shamans (where the word shaman was derived!), connect deeply with nature, swim in the Lake if you dare (30 seconds is a long time :)), camp out occasionally, visit Russian Old Believers, and travel many miles on both sides of the Lake including a boat ride across the Lake itself! (Google “Barguzin region”, “Olkhon Island” and see map and links at bottom). A more detailed itinerary will be available soon.

As much as possible we will respectfully enter the life of the indigenous peoples, making it clear with our energy, that our intention is peace with nature and with all people. Our Buryat hosts, and close friends for more than 20 years, reminded me that one of the key reasons for doing this trip is reinforcing the importance and tremendous value of indigenous culture for the people themselves, especially the younger members. Also, they pointed out that relations between the USA and Russia are at a very low point so going back to the roots of my mission since 1986: citizen diplomacy for peace–remains extremely relevant. And

And we do all of it in the spirit of higher consciousness, knowing that our intention ripples out far beyond this region, towards a good way for all beings.

Weather: At this time of the year, usually sunny and warm. Similar to the terrain and temperature of summertime in Colorado and Montana.

Dates: July 30 (leave USA, arrive Moscow 7/31, Ulan-Ude August 1)– August 14, 2022 (Return Irkutsk-Moscow-USA)

Price $4550 plus the cost of overseas and in-country airfare and visa. Approximate fares are $1500 RT New York-Moscow-Ulan Ude. (Boston RT is comparable) Tickets will be cheaper the earlier we book. Trip officially begins in Ulan-Ude and ends in Irkutsk (different people will join at different places like Moscow… and even Ulan-Ude). These will be through flights, and you can travel with me through the duration beginning and ending in the US (Vermont to JFK and back). Price includes all meals, ground transportation, and accommodations except incidentals, alcohol, and gifts.

If you are ready to take the leap, please register your $600 deposit here. This deposit is refundable (minus processing fees) until April 2. Your balance will be due June 5, 2022. I will have another link for this. There will be no service fee.

Make sure to check that your passport is valid at least 6 months after your return. Find out where the nearest Russian consulate in case you want to work directly with them.

Always extend your visa a few days later than departure in case there is an unexpected delay. In 2018, a one-month visa was standard. I am very happy with my travel agent, Ryan Kus, who can help you with visas, flights, USA ground transportation, and travel insurance. Of course, you can find other options. If you are coming from the USA, the Moscow- Ulan Ude flight is critical. Book that as soon as we have spoken and you have committed to this journey.

In order to guarantee a place on this trip please write me at your ½ – 1 page motivation for going on this journey, letting me know a little about you. We will then set up a time to chat. Being able to get along with a small group, roughly 10 people, traveling for 2 weeks is a critical skill. Let me know about this realistically. I will return your deposit if it does not seem like a fit.

With many blessings and much gratitude: