Journey of the Heart

“I have seen and felt things in Siberia that were beyond my wildest dreams”
– Charline Souffrant, frequent trip participant.

“Each one of us was a cell in a single whole.”
—Elizabeth Small, 2017 trip participant.

“If I had only one trip to take, this is the one. It was breathtakingly beautiful and full of heart.”
—Marc Lapin —2017 trip participant.

“This is how life is meant to be lived.”
— Gladys Behnsen, 2017 trip participant

This journey is longer, more ambitious, and thus more expensive than previous trips… but it is deeper and more sophisticated. There are no other tours that follow this itinerary. It is a sacred journey of higher consciousness that aligns with the most essential spiritual and ecological values.

My Siberian partners of 20 years produce—without exaggeration—a once in a lifetime experience. Over the next couple of months, as we fine-tune the possibilities, I will present more detail. Native American participation is being sought as well.

There is a higher purpose for the trip.
My partners and I break it down this way: 

1) It’s a peace mission. Reading the news, the world is saturated with war and madness. Citizen diplomacy is a powerful tool to cut through government and media enemy images and stereotypes. We can all remind each other of our common aspirations for clean food and water and a healthy, peaceful place for our children to grow up… and sanity.  To not succumb to the fear whipped up by terrorists of any kind.

2) Continuing our participation and observation of what it means to be indigenous.

3) Demonstrating that citizens from the wealthy nations respect and admire shamanic culture wherever it is practiced…. that we want to remind young Native people that their traditions and Elders matter. In so doing, mining for the spiritual gold that enriches the Earth-honoring culture we want to build at home.

4) To undertake research in non-ordinary reality through regular inner journeying (at home and over there) in order to bring valuable information back to the “surface.” For example, petroglyphs, rock art, and sacred sites are a treasure trove of HOW our ancient ancestors viewed the world. Using shamanic methods we may be able to “decipher” their messages and bring back medicine for our time.

5) We are each involved in intensive soul development spanning lifetimes and have an intention (whether we know it or not ) to align ourselves, moment to moment, with Source energy and intelligence. This journey is a catalyst to accelerate the best in in us.

6) To remember and highlight the ancient brotherhood and sisterhood of indigenous Americans and Asians, and strengthen further collaboration.