Circle of Original Thinking by Glenn Aparicio Parry

Restoring Health to our Planet with Joe Brewer

Adventures Through The Mind with James Jesso

Deep Time, Extinct Cephalopods, and The Evolutionary Gift of Death

The Forest Educator with Ricardo Sierra

The Last Person Around the Campfire

Embrace Wildness in Earth and in Ourselves – Punk Therapy with Rita Bozi

Sky leads listeners into Siberian shamanism, the raw vitality of the environment, and the connectedness of our healing journeys.

Interview with Jocelyn Star Feather

Forecast Event 2023/24/25

Bill Pfeiffer’s 10 Best Spiritual Books with Sandra Sedgebeer

Discover the personal stories behind the books that opened the doors of perception for scores of spiritual teachers, authors, speakers, adventures, and truth-seekers on their journeys to higher consciousness.

Adventures Through the Mind – James Jesso

Sky Otter (Bill Pfeiffer) joins James Jesso to talk about Deep Ecology and the profound healing of reconnecting to nature and the soul of the earth.

Cultivating Ecstasy with Jeff Mishlove

Bill Pfeiffer conducts ten-day Wild Earth Intensives. He is author of Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture.

Wild Earth, Wild Soul with Sandra Sedgebeer

Bill Pfeiffer shared what we, as individuals, groups, societies, and divided cultures, can do to create earth-honoring cultures in a new way for new times and find our way home.

The World is As You Dream It with John Perkins and Glenn Aparicio Parry

In this edition of Circle for Original Thinking, we explore how we might learn to live in a different way, renew our relationship with the more-than-human world, honor the wisdom of nature and of our ancestors, and reimagine education to be an agent of change rather than merely a reflection of the current society.


WE Earth Radio with Michael Stone

In this episode, Michael and Bill Pfeiffer explore the relationship between culture and the environment, looking at how a shift in consciousness can lead to an earth-based sustainable culture. They explore the illusion of separation and the practices that can deepen our interconnection with all of life.

Future Fossils with Michael Garfield

Bill Pfeiffer on Continuity, Belonging, Ecstasy Among the Native People of the North

Interview with Archaic Drum

Bill Pfeiffer talking about his book Wild Earth Wild Soul A Manual For an Ecstatic Culture.


The Ecstasy Of Nature at Future Primitive

Bill speaks with Joanna about the attunement to planetary intelligence; “ancient future perception”; creating ecstatic culture together; experiencing our greater body; micelia and dendrites; a neuro-holographic miracle; travels in Siberia; honoring the elders; ecstatic kindness; petroglyphs, a cosmic language…

Planetary Spirit with Jeff Ferrannini (DreamVisions Radio)

Bill Pfeiffer talks about the ancestral longing or ancestral memory to live in balance and to live in harmony with the earth.