Superlatives cannot do justice to the power and scope of this 17 day journey. In spite of the modern age, Mongolia & Siberia (in this case, the Lake Baikal region) continue to exude incomparable magic and mystery. Our North American group of 11 were guided by the powerful spirits of the land and those of the sacred sea that is Baikal! Shamans and Buddhist lamas of the highest order assisted us in perceiving those spirits more clearly, along with an unparalleled team of indigenous guides/friends: Erjen Khamanagova, Maria Azhunova, Rinchin Garmaev and Sasha Khamaganov, who provided much needed spiritual, geographical, historical, and cultural knowledge.

Here is a map of the area covered followed by some images taken on the journey ( we started and ended in Ulan Bator, the capitol of Mongolia):