Core Program: Our Sacred Landscape

“Shamanism, on the other hand, is this worldwide, since Paleolithic-times, tradition which says that you must make your own experience the center piece of any model of the world that you build.”  – Terence McKenna

“The American Indian is of the soil, whether it be the region of forests, plains, pueblos, or mesas. He fits into the landscape, for the hand that fashioned the continent also fashioned the man for his surroundings. He once grew as naturally as the wild sunflowers, he belongs just as the buffalo belongs…” – Luther Standing Bear

“Our native land, where we spend the majority of our lives, is the basis of our soul. The love we feel for our fields, rivers, cliffs, fish, birds, plants, and mammals is immeasurably deep. That love ties us all together in a mutual destiny.” Sky Otter 

Shamanism without land is like a fish without water. They are inseparable. Our Sacred Landscape is a 7 part course in the direct, multi-dimensional experience of nature in our bioregion. This means that through shamanic, sensory, and scientific methods we will rediscover the miracle of the ground beneath our feet and its correspondence in the cosmos. As above, so below. (We will dive deep to find out what that actually means).

This is a living (and replicable) course that unfolds over 7 months for one Saturday each month. It will be held in and out of a yurt on 10 acres of land in Putney VT. There are 4 mountains that delineate this particular landscape: Stratton (West), Ascutney (North), Monadnock (East), and Sugarloaf (And may extend to Mt Tom as we explore the southern direction). Each of these mountains has a Native name and a teaching. The holy Connecticut River snakes right through this terrain. Participants who live outside of the region will be able extrapolate the teachings to their area.

One of the key reasons for this course is to raise our consciousness and break out of the death grip of the fear-based, technocratic, patriarchal worldview we have inherited. This breaking out into our wilder, ecological selves is imperative for the survival of our species and FEELS GREAT. It’s ecstatic. Who is going to do this if we don’t?? If you’ve been following me then you know that my role is to draw out and guide your own wisdom and power. I want you to come alive in a way you may have never experienced before. There will be some teaching and instruction but all in service to your ability to trust yourself at a deeper level.

Furthermore, this is an opportunity to form a very high vibe tribe, that can reach beyond us. We get the opportunity to learn things that will be extremely valuable to future generations.

I will only be taking 9 people. If you are self-aware, like the words “magic” and “tectonics,” and are familiar with shamanic basics, this may turn out to be a life changing course that helps you not only see with new eyes but helps you get clearer on your path in life. There will be homework but only the ecstatic kind. Native input on this course will be sought out. Activities include shamanic journeying, nature connection, ceremony, art, music, dance, breath work, poetry, singing, map and field guide reading, and laughter.

#1. Earth

What do our oldest Elders like mountains and stone beings have to say? How does our relationship with them affect our lives?

#2. Water

What does it mean to flow inside and out? Why is water considered life?

#3. Fire

Let’s burn away what does not serve us. What do we need to let go of?

#4. Air

Breathing in, breathing out. What could be more profound?

#5. Spirit

Spirit is everywhere all the time. How can we know that as a living reality 24/7?

#6. Mammals

Younger Elder wisdom. Why do we love them? What are they teaching us?

#7. Trees and Plants:

Older Elder wisdom. What is their unique contribution to us as individuals and to humanity at this time?

As we learn to shapeshift, merge with, and embody these aspects of the Infinite we become open to all the other beings that show up: arthropods, insects, fungi, bacteria, soil, etc. The occasional insertion of scientific knowledge will be used as a catalyst for deeper insight, not as an end in itself. This is not an academic course. The emphasis is on direct experience. We, finally, come to our Elders and seek their guidance.

Email Me

If this short write up is intriguing please email me with a few of your reasons for participating in all 7 sessions along with any questions. This is a large undertaking but doing so in the spirit of exploration and play allows us to cover a lot of ground.

This will be a donation-based course with a substantial deposit of $777. (Please excuse the reg fee. This is the way I can do the admin on this program efficiently).

You can request a full or partial refund at the end of the course. This is the best way for me to ascertain commitment, motivation, and attendance. And, it’s not about the money or my organizational efficiency! If you don’t have that kind of deposit just let me know in your letter.

2024 Schedule

One of the rare petroglyphs in the Northeast US next to CT River.

First session is January 20, 2024

Second session February 17, 2024

Third session March 16, 2024

Fourth session April 13, 2024

Fifth session May 11, 2024

Sixth session June 8, 2024

Seventh session July 13, 2024

Begin: 9:30am End: 5pm with occasional evenings sessions with group agreement.

Lodging: If you are traveling from afar, you are welcome to camp onsite during the warmer months. During the winter there are many different lodging options in the area.

Food: Bring your lunch. There is a kitchen to warm things up. When we do an evening ceremony, we will cook a meal together.


“As a participant in Landscape Shamanism 2022 – I highly recommend this experience with Sky Otter!! I found it to be a gentle but deep dive into exploring my relationships with the elements, the land, spirit and an amazing group of fellow beings!! 🌎💨🔥”

– Rachel Walter

“For the majority of my life, my love of the land has been a solo journey. While this part of my relationship with Nature has deepened as a result of the course I also loved witnessing the whole group as our individual journeys unfolded, since each person experiences the landscape in unique, deep, richly textured, varied and fascinating ways. For the first time I am falling in love with the parts of the landscape that are “us.” Between the supportive group energy and Sky Otter’s leadership, the invitation to “Come alive as you never have before” became my reality during and since participating in Landscape Shamanism. While doing shamanic journeys that explored particular elements of the landscape I discovered parts of my “self” that were both very new and very old. This expanded my very concept of Self and is beginning to change my sense of belonging to the land, the people, and life! If you want to follow your curiosity, be authentic, deep and have a great deal of fun at the same time, I highly recommend this course!”

– Susan E. Stanton

“I am so grateful for the journeys, the heartfelt shares, the rituals, the teachings, and the sacred pauses that allowed me to harness my imagination, find and amplify my intuition and voice, feel myself as both ordinary and extraordinary parts of nature, and form a strong circle of beloved new friends to dance alongside. Aho, Ashe, Amin, Amen!”

– Sara Longsmith

“Sky’s passion for making a difference in the world, for sharing his connection with Earth and all of her beings, is palpable. I could feel it in his presence, his drum, and in the way he guided us through the seven months of Landscape Shamanism. He is a beautiful facilitator who allows for the group to take on its own healing form. Thank you, Sky!”

– Julia Wolf, Transformational Life Coach an Energy Healer

“Sky Otter ( Bill Pfeiffer) opened my journey onto a new path. I knew I wanted a deeper spiritual and felt connection with Mother Earth. Sky’s Landscape Shamanism (2022) opened the door for me and I have been on my path ever since. Thank you Sky!“

– Paul Frehner