Core Programs

Core programs are held throughout the year. They include “workshops” but aim to be more comprehensive and far-reaching: to go beyond the weekend high and catalyze deeper, longer lasting change.

The core programs provide ongoing learning through direct experience; engaging mind, body, heart, and soul.

These “spiritual ecology circles” are a training ground for the kind of culture we want to create–one that is full of love, joy and deeply connected with the natural world.

Working with groups that hold that intention is one of my great joys. Whether close to home in Vermont, in the deserts of the Southwest and other diverse locations of the United States, or in the wilds of Siberia, every group is able to tap into the magic that comes from community that commits to honoring the Earth.

Core Program: Wild Earth Intensive (WEI)

This highly experiential 10 day program is a training ground for what it means to live a sustainable, balanced and joyful life, from the inside out.

Core Program: Wild Earth Wild Soul Intro

This “time out of time” is about immersion in the sheer beauty of the land while connecting with a small group of fellow travelers in a unique way.

Core Program: Our Sacred Landscape

This is a living (and replicable) course that unfolds over 7 months for one Saturday each month.

Core Program: Vision Quest

A vision quest will not only enable you to see more clearly and with greater purpose but gain confidence by being in a wilderness setting pared down to the basics.