Wild Earth, Wild Soul by Bill Pfeiffer

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What if by listening to the land, tapping into ancestral memories, and really connecting with our brothers and sisters we could “see” a lasting, healthy culture right in front of us? What if we decided to band together in small groups and practice time-tested cultural ingredients that made us feel good and raised our consciousness?

This is the inspiration behind Wild Earth, Wild Soul–where we help each other to break out of domestication and isolation and create the kind of world we want to live in.

Praise for Wild Earth, Wild Soul

“What’s most original about Wild Earth, Wild Soul is not the parts, but the whole. Where else are you going to find the ingredients of a thriving nature-based culture all in one place along with a practical method of experiencing them?”John Perkins


“Bill Pfeiffer has followed his own wild heart in growing ways to build an Earth-honoring culture. His passion to heal our alienation from the natural world led him to deep ecology and then on to aboriginal elders of Siberia and the Americas. Knowing that a shift in consciousness at the personal level is essential, he has developed workshops to bring us back to our true nature as conscious members of the sacred living body of Earth. It is good news for us all that Bill has
chosen to share his approach and his methods in this manual. I’ve known Bill for twenty years
 and would trust him with my life.”Joanna Macy


“Bill Pfeiffer is a pioneer in bringing the technologies of Reunion to our wounded Western culture. This book was a blessing for me, both for its clear, vibrant articulation of basic principles of shamanic and ecological healing, and for its practical transmission of how to create powerful experiences for others.”Charles Eisenstein


“Pfeiffer’s Wild Earth, Wild Soul is a recipe for realizing our greatest longing: to live in a culture rooted in the Earth where each of us is treated with love and respect. Filled with indigenous wisdom; this rich, practical offering provides a way for small groups to experience that now as well as hope for the well being of future generations.”Thom Hartmann


“A bridge is being built between indigenous beliefs that have been environmentally successful for millennia and the wise probing recently of intelligent non-Indians. Pfeiffer is an excellent bridge builder. Wild Earth, Wild Soul is a must read.”Ed “Eagleman” McGaa


“Pfeiffer offers a valuable step forward in advancing our lives and the lives of our children—a life not only of compassion but also of ecstasy.”Manitonquat (Medicine Story)


“Bill Pfeiffer’s book is a generous and deeply felt articulation of how we
can approach sustainable habitation of this planet that is our home. And,
most uniquely, it supports people in feeling, rather than suppressing, the
 deep emotions they have about the damage to our planet. And from those deep 
feelings, to trust the crafting of a genuine individual response to that
damage.”Stephen Buhner


“Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture is a major contribution to indigenous wisdom at a time when it is much needed by an ailing modernity. It provides an insightful entry into life giving changes much craved for, and must be read with deep reverence.”
- Malidoma Some


Table of Contents

Foreword by John Perkins
Chapter 1 Why a Wild Earth Intensive?
Chapter 2 How to Use This Book
Chapter 3 A Note to Guides and Facilitators
Chapter 4 A Spiritual Permaculture
Chapter 5 Getting Started: Guidelines and Overview
Chapter 6 Listening
Chapter 7 Feeling and Healing
Chapter 8 Nature Immersion and Connection
Chapter 9 The Power of Story
Chapter 10 Ceremony
Chapter 11 Altered States of Consciousness
Chapter 12 Play
Chapter 13 Stillness
Chapter 14 Elders and Mentors
Chapter 15 The Magic of Mentoring: Including an Interview with Mark Morey
Chapter 16 Art and Music
Chapter 17 Vision and Manifestation
Chapter 18 Final Thoughts
Appendix: Wild Earth Intensive Sample Schedule
Reference Notes
Selected Bibliography

Excerpt from Chapter 1

“The growing desire to create a new, living culture—one that is (dare we say) ecstatic—is a response to the tremendous environmental and social pressure we are all experiencing. That pressure makes the vision of a life lived in balance with the rest of nature ever more compelling. Anyone who has really investigated the monumental trends that are shaping our world knows that changing how we live is imperative. But the re-creation of a living culture is considered by many to be the thorniest of problems. The critics balk: “It’s impossible, idealistic, and utopian. Don’t waste your time.” They are voicing a pervasive sense of hopelessness that can paralyze one’s best intentions to work to change things for the better. However, the brilliant work of Joanna Macy, John Seed, John Perkins, and other Western eco-spiritual activists showed me that the feeling of hopelessness was just that—a feeling—and not an immutable truth. Furthermore,the track record of thousands of indigenous tribes who have lived lightly all over the planet is evidence that a dynamic balance between humans and nature is not some weird anomaly but a living reality.”

– Bill Pfeiffer

                                       The core ingredients of an ecstatic culture. Love and gratitude are at the center.