“A healing session with Bill is a powerful, transformational experience. He creates a safe and supportive space to go deep into the emotional and spiritual realms. Bill guides with his heart, his intuition and his trust of Spirit. He brings joy, openness and sensitivity to his sessions. Bill’s work is a gift to the planet.”

— Cathy Pedevillano

“My work with Bill was very powerful. I had been working on retrieving a lost part of my soul prior to my work with him. I even did a ceremony, with some success, to reclaim this part. My shamanic BRETH session brought this work to a powerful conclusion – one where I completely experienced this retrieval with my whole being. The session was crucial for me to integrate this retrieval completely into my life – the integration was not just mental but into my whole body as well.”

— Jim Molloy

“I was fairly new to shamanic healing. One thing that I found amazing during my shamanic BRETH session with Bill was how I felt safely held and free at the same time. I was really impressed by Bill’s “connections”: so many forms of energy – and seemingly, just the “right” ones – were available to me during my time in the yurt. I felt less weighed down and more open to possibility at the end of the session; I find that I am able to return to that feeling regularly.”

— ­Kathleen Geary

“Bill took me on a marvelous healing journey that continues to sustain me. I felt totally safe and supported the whole time, and the messages I received from my helping spirits were loud, clear–and important! Bless you, Bill!”

— Dery Dyer

“I felt like time stopped. The intention I put out really settled deep and allowed some profound reflections to rise to the surface. Shamanic BRETH invigorated me and really allowed me to break through some blocked energy and experience a blissful state. Two weeks later it still lives vividly in my heart and mind.”

— Mike Iacona

”I feel such gratitude! With one foot solid in this physical realm, my spirit was invited to soar. My higher self held and lent it’s healing touch
to my inner child’s wounds, reawakening and remembering the always BIG LOVE, that is my ancestors, my unborn child, all my relations, that is you, that is I, that is. Safely, we were in between the inhale and the exhale. Bill, thank you for walking me to the door, and for being by my side through and out. You remind me how safe and graceful the journey always is. Aho!”

— Nika Fotopulos-Voeikoff

“Bill Pfeiffer has followed his own wild heart in growing ways to build an Earth-honoring culture. His passion to heal our alienation from the natural world led him to deep ecology and then on to aboriginal elders of Siberia and the Americas. Knowing that a shift in consciousness at the personal level is essential, he has developed workshops to bring us back to our true nature as conscious members of the sacred living body of Earth. It is good news for us all that Bill has chosen to share his approach and his methods in this manual. I’ve known Bill for twenty years and would trust him with my life.”

— Joanna Macy

“Bill Pfeiffer is a pioneer in bringing the technologies of Reunion to our wounded Western culture. This book was a blessing for me, both for its clear, vibrant articulation of basic principles of shamanic and ecological healing, and for its practical transmission of how to create powerful experiences for others.”

— Charles Eisenstein

“Pfeiffer’s Wild Earth, Wild Soul is a recipe for realizing our greatest longing: to live in a culture rooted in the Earth where each of us is treated with love and respect. Filled with indigenous wisdom; this rich, practical offering provides a way for small groups to experience that now as well as hope for the well being of future generations.”

— Thom Hartmann

“A bridge is being built between indigenous beliefs that have been environmentally successful for millennia and the wise probing recently of intelligent non-Indians. Pfeiffer is an excellent bridge builder. Wild Earth, Wild Soul is a must read.”

— Ed “Eagleman” McGaa

“Pfeiffer offers a valuable step forward in advancing our lives and the lives of our children—a life not only of compassion but also of ecstasy.”

— Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

“Bill Pfeiffer’s book is a generous and deeply felt articulation of how we can approach sustainable habitation of this planet that is our home. And, most uniquely, it supports people in feeling, rather than suppressing, the deep emotions they have about the damage to our planet. And from those deep feelings, to trust the crafting of a genuine individual response to that damage.”

— Stephen Buhner

“Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture is a major contribution to indigenous wisdom at a time when it is much needed by an ailing modernity. It provides an insightful entry into life giving changes much craved for, and must be read with deep reverence.”

— Malidoma Some

Your leadership allowed our experiences to emerge: guiding us on the sacred Earth

— Hasita Nadai

Zen wild! If we could do this in 8 hrs, imagine what we could do in 10 days.

— Charline Groh

I really enjoyed being a part of the day. The activities that you designed and the ease with which you presented everything was amazing. I learned so much watching you facilitate. You are an expert at it. You did such a nice job of letting everyone shine and holding the space for everyone to feel safe and free to be themselves. I can imagine just how powerful the full 10 day program must be.

— Jean Bergstrom

One day with you in the woods brought peace, insight and innocent curiosity to the eight of us in today’s workshop Thank you for being a distinguished bridge between the modern world and the ancient truths.

— Dagen Julty

We sang, recited poetry, and felt deeply the sacredness of nature. At the end I was surprised by how strongly the group connected. I did not want to leave.

— Carl Smith

You distilled your knowledge in a way that united us in a group and brought us into our hearts and inner still point. The day felt so luscious to be in this realm connected to each other in the group and our inner and outer natures. Thank you.

— Alison Beth

This was quite possibly the most profound ten days I have ever experienced. If this is what a small group of people can create in ten days, I know that we can transform this world. We were doing it every second of every day—we were living it.

— Joanna Friedlander

I remembered, for the first time…that I am closely related to the Earth. And more than just physically, but spiritually I am related…I am one with it. I never spent time paying attention to the spiritual “aliveness” of the forest…I knew it was alive biologically, but I never seriously entertained the idea that it had spirit… More importantly, I did some long-overdue practice at accepting myself for what I am: an imperfect, yet perfect human being. Awesome people, doing awesome things!

— Wendy

Four things were made crystal clear:
1)I became connected to a group of people in ways I had no idea existed.
2)I quickly discovered ideas and feelings in myself which would have otherwise remain hidden.
3)I further believe in a direct connection with spirit.
4) If we spent enough time together I know we could be part of a culture where the land could flourish.

— Michelle

I did not realize how deeply touching and empowering this experience would be. I feel more clarity and hope.

— Alexa

I learned a lot about connecting to the land – it brought out my own love for the land…

— Neil

My VQ has been a transformative experience that for months afterward has continued to shape my thinking of my role in my community and what gifts I have to cultivate and share. I’ve felt a coming together of different parts within me that have been somewhat peripheral to my “outward life in the world” and they are loudly telling me that it’s time I figured out more ways to bring forth the deep sacredness of Earth into my broader human community. The deep sacred connection is sure to be a main ingredient for us to birth a life-sustaining way of being in Earth. My vision allowed me to see with hope that we two-leggeds can achieve that and that it is a long-term journey in which I must play an active role.

— Marc Lapin

Bill Pfeiffer is a gentle soul, filled with passion for preserving Mother Earth and for reconnecting people with Her. As my vision quest guide, Bill drew upon his knowledge of nature, conscious community, and Shamanic practices to create safe, intimate, sacred space that supported me and my fellow journeyers to connect with each other, the nature around us, and our Selves. My vision quest challenged me and nourished me, and I emerged with insight into my wounds, my stories, the nature of my soul, and a vision of who I am becoming.

— James Worthley

The September Vision Quest was a shining gem of multi-faceted learning and pure delight. In the sweet fragrance of the forests near the Quabbin waters, renewal is close at hand, above, below and all around us. I do not have to travel thousands of miles at great expense. My companions are open and steadfast, we bond and grow together and become part of one another and the forest for this time. We bring our opened, expanded awareness to what is around and within us, including our doubts, fears, sadnesses and confusions. As the days and nights unfold, our hearts and minds relax and release. All the while, Bill, our mentor and guardian, is holding our container with an impeccable focus, enabling each individual to find portals of discovery and union. This kind of work is both humbling and yet ennobling. A porcupine, a woodpecker, a tree frog, become dear to us, sentient friends of profound connection, so far from road kill passed indifferently in a rush. Now, once again, I can see the sunrise and feel the breezes from my window. The clatter in my clunky old building and the tense excitable voices of people rushing around downstairs with agendas, the usually deafening garbage truck and construction backhoes outside, have faded into the background. Now I hear the sounds of the earth and am at peace. What else is possible? I am listening. Bowing in gratitude.

— Shen Pauley

This was my “gate way” to a whole new world ! These individuals prepared and guided us to wonder off on a trip of transformation… So simple so joyful… I highly recommend allowing one self to take on the experience and this team was better than anything I could imagine to lead my quest.

— Vision Quest Participant

This past week was probably the most worthwhile investment of time, money and courage I ever made.

— Steve Young

I experienced my first Truth Mandala at the Wild Earth Intensive. I also experienced my first drum circle, my first sweat lodge – Legit Lakota Ceremony with intense heat and prayer that absolutely saturated all of us. I got to be a fire tender bringing in the sacred stones into the womb of Mother Earth. I also got to run up and down a mountain and climb trees with beautiful brilliant beings that I adore, and healing CuddlePuddles!!! I also got to experience growth and expansion like I have never felt before in my entire life. And I experienced my first group breathwork circle. I knew I love breathwork meditation techniques on my own, but as a group …um – we were all So.Mega.Lit.Up.
WEI is Real. I have never felt so connected to The Earth and All of Life, Nature and Trees – Such a soulful healing I am beyond grateful.

— Leslie Muse

I embarked on this journey of the soul to ground myself and face any blind spots that I had. I’ve emerged firmly rooted, for the first time in my 41 years, with all the peace and love that one heart can hold. Thank you for helping me change my life.

— Will Malkin

The Wild Earth Intensive is as wild and intense as it sounds. Intensely empowering and awakening, where connecting, sharing and feeling is like breathing. Wild in the purest sense of no holding back, stretching our safety nets like never before. I’ve never known coordinators who are more in tune with the needs of the group.

— Sug