Spiritual Coaching

Ready to take a big step in your life?

Do you want to work and play full out–with no holding back?  

Do you need help being accountable?

Spiritual coaching is for people who are highly motivated and want to get moving with their lives, and who also realize – at least intellectually – they are enough just the way they are. In fact, we are all powerful beings connected to a vast web of seen and unseen energy. We are good, whole, and innocent at birth and never lose our core self throughout our lives. However, we undergo various traumas and take on social conditioning that clouds this truth. Our task, if we choose, is to gently clear the way so our inner sun can shine. This clearing is a multi-faceted process that takes place simultaneously on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. As your coach I’m here to provide you with a roadmap of that process, and to be your ally in full self-expression.

Yes, it sounds like healing and it is, but the focus, unlike shamanic BRETH  and most other therapeutic methods is outward expression. My goal is to help you express your unique personal mission – your soul’s calling – in the world. To do that means you are aligned with the Spirit within. This is the place where joy, love, and enthusiasm reside. Isn’t this place where we really want to live?

As Martha Beck, coach extraordinairre, says: “Over and over, researchers studying happiness have found that the situational elements people crave—money, social status, possessions—don’t reliably lead to an experience of well-being. By contrast, learning to find joy in the present moment…increases life satisfaction, improves health, and allows us to live longer, more fulfilling lives.”

With that understanding we can get specific about what it is you want to do, or do more effectively and peacefully.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

A big part of my approach in coaching is telling a different story. This is critical for success. Stepanie Tolan’s free ebook, Change Your Story, Change Your Life explains why eloquently and humorously.

Phone sessions and/or Skype are effective and working in person is even better. I like to work with people in the forest. Nature is the ultimate healer and I will customize a comprehensive program to draw out and strengthen your gifts. Maybe you are feeling the call of the Spirit and are in need of mentoring on your path? If so, “spiritual coaching” is for you. (It’s in quotes because what I can offer is much more than what those two words may convey for you)

Contact me for an interview and we’ll determine if it is a good fit. If we decide to continue we’ll discuss the fee and committing to a minimum of four sessions. Please email me at bill at sacredearthnetwork.org or call (978-724-0114). Sliding scale $75-$125/hr. Longer sessions $50 for each additional hour.