Shamanic BRETH

Healing yurt (on right, under rainbow)

Healing yurt (on right, under rainbow)

Say yes to life!
Embrace your infinite energetic nature . . .
Transcend limiting beliefs and patterns . . .
Be who and what you truly are

Shamanic BRETH is a gentle but powerful healing method
that helps you access the divinity and power that already resides within. Breath Release for Energy, Transformation and Healing (BRETH) is a technique taught to me over the course of 20 years by Harriet Rose Meiss, the dynamic and compassionate originator of this method. The “shamanic” portion of the name is brought to you by a dozen medicine people and shamans in Siberia and the Americas who have asked me to use some of their methods to help us— “the Younger Brothers” — change our dream

Shamanic BRETH is as an intention accelerator. That means that whatever you want to focus on in life has the potential to expand and manifest. Shamanic BRETH magnifies your intention to love more deeply, become clear on work and relationships, increase abundance on all levels, resolve health issues, etc. The process is very safe and effective. As you take in more oxygen and start to feel the spiritual guidance that has been invoked, you are immediately open to the kind of healing energy most of us are not usually accustomed to experiencing. As humans, we are vast and expansive beings that are just beginning to discover our true power. My intent is to help people raise their consciousness (feel better and clearer!) during this period of intense planetary change. Let’s be as strong and balanced as possible! This way we can be of most benefit to the Earth and our fellow humans.

So, if you need help in getting to the next level of your soul’s calling–feeling the ecstasy of just being yourself– I look forward to hearing from you.

Where: A healing yurt in the the beautiful Quabbin woods of Central Massachusetts. (With plenty of fresh air and clean water)

Sessions are usually about an hour and a half which includes an initial clarifying discussion, setting an intention, and some integration time at the end.

If you are interested in setting up a session email me at bill at or call (646-265-6268). I will be happy to explain the process in detail, if needed, in advance.

Cost: $150-75 sliding scale… but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Also I offer Ecstasy BRETH for groups. This usually happens as part of a longer healing weekend that has cultural repair and environmentalism as a larger focus. Ecstasy BRETH differs from regular Breath Release for Energy, Transformation & Healing (BRETH), Re-Birthing, and Holotropic Breath by a focus on the PRESENT MOMENT and staying alert with eyes open (in contrast to going “under” into a deep, often cathartic, trance). It also focuses on the unity in community and brings groups closer together in a far more connected state than when they began. Like BRETH it is a gift from the dolphins of Australia.