Core Program : Wild Earth Wild Soul Daylong


13047736_227793137589586_905579396790696095_oRECONNECT, RECHARGE, REMEMBER!

This “time out of time” is about immersion in the sheer beauty of the land while connecting with a small group of fellow travelers in a unique way. Although short, many have considered it be a powerful introduction to the style and pace of my work.

We’ll feel the sacred energy of “walking in a good way”… listening to what the plants, animals, and even the stars, have to say. Wrapping ourselves in the stillness of the relatively wild… we’ll slow down and dip into the creative pool of our shared wisdom. This wisdom may show up in a variety of ways: making art and poetry, deeper nature awareness, shamanic journeying, meditating, singing, spending solo time in the forest, or simply expressing our gratitude for Life… And all against the backdrop of a planet experiencing incredible birth pangs.

Allowing the Spirit-that-flows-through-all-things to guide us, each of us will have an opportunity to contribute some of our gifts to this new tribe in the making. We’ll learn a little bit more of what it means to see with native eyes.

You’ll come away with a larger context for Earth-honoring culture, a deeper connection to the land and your fellow “two-leggeds”, and greater rootedness in the present moment. This is also a great introduction to the “look and feel” of a Wild Earth Intensive.

(no one with sincere interest will be turned away for lack of money)