Core Program : Wild Earth Intensive (WEI)

The Wild Earth Intensive is where the book Wild Earth, Wild Soul was born!

Picture yourself returning to something that feels so alive and strangely familiar. It’s an ancient place that awakens gradually in your body. Even before you arrive you feel a rising excitement of something so true and so real. You’ve tasted it from time to time before and you yearn for more. After a few days of the slower pace of the WEI, imagine your new tribe getting to know you in a way that you feel seen, heard, and touched in a way that is safe, refreshing, and very satisfying. And then you realize that you want to see, hear, and touch your fellow tribe members too!

As the WEI deepens and you are outside more and more you are surprised at the depth of your connection to the natural world.  Gradually, you know the animals, plants, and rocks are your family. The smell of sage and sweetgrass enriches the experience. The fire at night and the stars overhead illuminate your heart.

And, if that were not enough, there is space to feel your pain and grief, personal and collective. It’s such a relief after thinking these feelings were off limits. As each day passes, your rich sense of connection grows. When you play, tell stories, dance, make art and ceremony, and sing with your fellow tribe members you know this is how you want to live all the time…. and you remember that you once did! Even when you feel out of sorts, the bugs are annoying, or it’s raining, you are aware that the tribe and land always hold you.

The facilitators who are guiding you through the experience are also fellow participants. They have some things to teach but mostly they are helping you access your own wisdom. They are equal to you. Authenticity and love are the currency that is exchanged.

On many of the days, see yourself lying down with the rest of the group as shamanic drums beat like galloping horses leading you into uncharted inner terrain. Even though these journeys only last 15-20 minutes, your intuition and your ability to see the unseen world increases with practice. After your journey you sometimes find yourself uttering poetry and witness similar words come forth from the others. These words start to form a group story as certain common themes emerge. As you share your visions; not just from the shamanic journeys but those you have for the wider world, you notice that you are drawing strength and support from everything that you are doing and being. You suddenly realize you are larger than you thought and that you make a difference.

Your awareness and listening skills have deepened as well as the WEI comes to a close. Laughter and deep, heartfelt hugs sweeten your parting. You realize this is just the beginning of something much greater that is growing in the world…

You asked big questions too.

Wildness and Indigeneity: What does it mean in our bodies?

How do we see with Native eyes?

For those who prefer a more literal way of describing the WEI:

The WEI is a doorway to expanded consciousness. Immersed in the natural world and deeply connected to one another, we realize this way of living that is the basis for a new culture.

This highly experiential 10 day program is a training ground for what it means to live a sustainable, balanced and joyful life, from the inside out. Humans live embedded in a web of relationships – with self, community, nature and spirit – and in modern culture, these relationships are rarely recognized and honored as a whole.

The WEI offers a powerful alternative:

A training ground for healthy human relationships deeply connected to the natural world

The time and space to experience and celebrate the world we dream of because we know in our hearts it’s possible.

A place to focus on the inner work of sustainability, of discovering our vitality and center

From a place of joy, wholeness and gratitude, wise actions, life-ways and cultures grow. By coming more fully into our power, we can engage in the incredible journey of our times, what Joanna Macy calls the Great Turning.

Bill Pfeiffer, author of the book Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture is the lead facilitator for the Intensive. He is joined by 2-3 assistant facilitators and together they help participants access their inner wisdom and connect more deeply with life! Guest facilitators will join the group, bringing a wealth of experience and diversity to the circle.

With these intentions, we create a powerful container of gentle community that allows healing and transformation to happen. The Wild Earth Intensive is a wonderful opportunity to give ourselves plenty of time to explore another way of being.

Areas of focus include:

  • Deep listening & sharing
  • Ceremony & story-telling
  • Feeling our pain & grief
  • Connecting with our unique gifts
  • Immersion in the natural world
  • Shifting consciousness
  • Play, dance, art & music

Some of the tools we use to accomplish this are: meditation, shamanic journeying, despair & empowerment processes, a sweat lodge, drawing, dancing, nature-based ceremony and sharing circles, among many others.

Join us in this intention to bring our gifts more fully to life so we may grow more balanced and joyful cultures.


An Introduction To A Wild Earth Intensive

Wild Earth Intensive (10 days)

If you would like to host a WEI in your area please email Bill here or call at 978-724-0114