Core Program : Vision Quest

Immerse yourself in the deep forest and hear the Earth speak.
Feel the power of Source moving through you.
Return to your community with insight and passion.

  • You’ve found yourself at a major juncture in your life. No matter what you do, or who you speak to, you can’t figure out a direction that makes sense.
  • You’ve lost a loved one and are hungry for healing and resolution.
  • Illness stalked you for years. You are finally feeling healthy. What’s next?
  • You love the Earth passionately. You’ve worked tirelessly on Her behalf but the destructive trends continue unabated. You need perspective and insight.
  • You are basically happy. All is well but you sense that you have something unique and powerful to give to the world but you don’t know what it is.

If you can relate to any of these life situations then a vision quest could be the perfect medicine. Spending 4 days deeply immersed in the rhythms of the natural world, without food, alters one’s consciousness, making a person extremely receptive to the intelligence that flows through all things. Stripped bare of everything but the most essential, you are open to receiving guidance from the Great Spirit. That guidance may come through a plant, an animal, the clouds, or even by gazing at your own skin! Or, as in my case, the revelation comes only after leaving your “sit spot” and returning home.


A vision quest will not only enable you to see more clearly and with greater purpose but gain confidence by being in a wilderness setting stripped down to the basics. Here, the wild within comes alive. You have put another nail in the coffin of modern life that says: “Don’t go there. Stay small and ‘safe’ in the comforts of four walls”

And you are not alone. Yes, for four days you have not related to another human being, but you have come to understand the phrase “All My Relations”, not as a nice concept but as a living reality. Furthermore, life’s cornucopia becomes self-evident when you meet your guides and fellow questers again at the end of your solo time. These precious human allies have provided a nurturing entry way at the beginning of the quest and now they greet you with sensitive, connected warmth born from sharing this profound ancient rite of passage. And of course, you have been challenged by the demons of fear, loneliness, discomfort and boredom but they did not have the last word. You got to know each of these —and possibly befriended them— as part of building your confidence and learning to see with “native eyes.”

For a comprehensive how-to on vision questing see the Book Of Vision Quest
0712151231 The Quabbin Reservoir, the “accidental” wilderness

Here is a sample schedule:

Day 1: Set up base camp. Meet other participants. “Circle up” and learn more about the spiritual and logistical aspects of vision questing. Get safety systems down. Receive custom support for your quest (this is a continuation from when you first signed up).
Day 2 Find your place on the Earth. Set up tent if you choose. Begin your fast. Allow deep, sensory connection with the landscape. Prayers to the 7 directions for a vision.
Day 3 and 4 Listen to the silence. Commune with the plants and animals. Continue praying in gratitude for a vision.
Day 5 Return to base camp at lunchtime. Eat very light meal. Integrate teachings. Eat dinner and enjoy the power of the campfire with your fellow Questers.
Day 6. Continue integration process and learn to take newfound knowledge into the world. Final bonding as a group. Break camp. Re-entry.

By taking part in this universal sacred rite of passage you will be aligning yourself with an ancient lineage of truth-seekers, Earth lovers, and change agents.

The number of days you choose to fast and pray is up to you. It’s challenge by choice not force.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the fast? Can I eat something?

It is really up to you. The Quest is not about self-torture but about renunciation. Completely emptying out, physically and emotionally allows the Spirit-That -Flows-Through-All-Things to come in and fill you up. Too much food and stimulation usually obstructs that process. Not eating for 3.5 days is actually fairly healthy giving the body time to detox. And I always recommend having a gallon of water a day on hand and drinking when you feel hungry. Usually after the first day food no longer seems to be so important.

Can I use a tent?

Again, up to you. In New England the insects can be intense so it’s nice to have a place to hide. On the other hand there is power in being “naked” to the elements. In this case it’s recommended to have a tarp as well as a sleeping bag (required). Most of my previous Questers have used small tents.

Can I wait till the last minute before deciding?

Yes, you can join the Quest up to 3 weeks prior but we highly recommend you decide as early as possible to begin your prayers for Mother Earth. What do we mean? Your Quest is a prayer for peace, clarity, and harmony not just for you but for all of Creation. The earlier you get started by making a commitment, you increase the power of your actual time in wild nature. It’s like rubbing two sticks together. It takes time to make a fire the old way.

What is the purpose of the time immediately before and after the formal VQ?

The nurturing quality of solitude during the Quest needs to be balanced by community support. Included in this support are teachings that help to buoy you well after the Quest… to keep going in fulfilling your unique mission on Earth.

Can I walk around?

Once you have located the spot to make your stand you will mark off a 25ft diameter circle and stay within it for the duration of your Quest. It’s safer and you can focus better if you are not wandering around  while fasting.

How big is the group?

Maximum # of participants is 7.

What about Lyme?

There are ticks but in my experience they are much less prevalent in the deep woods (as opposed to the edges). And I  have a strict protocol to follow in order to keep us healthy during and after the event.

How much does this cost?

$550. Price includes food, camping fees, in-depth instruction, preparation materials, and sufficient pre-quest consultation so that you are ready to undertake this pivotal experience. Possible work exchange slot available (partial). Your deposit of $150 is refundable up to 60 days prior to the quest.

( No one with sincere interest and strong intention will be turned away for lack of funds.)

If a vision quest in New England is calling you, save the date and feel free to contact me. 646-265-6268, bill@sacredearthnetwork(DOT)org.

“The experience takes you beyond the physical. It isn’t trying to see how much torture you can endure. It takes you to the point of realizing your potential, of seeing what you can do, what you can go through, and still come out in a good way, with your heart and mind clear, and your body still able to function. The power of the experience is difficult to communicate in words.”  William Walk Sacred

IMG_0182 ( A song sung at the end of the 2015 Vision Quest)