Core Program : Nature and Ecstasy Series


We are stardust
We are golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden
-Joni Mitchell


Nature and Ecstasy: Getting Back to the Garden!  [2017 dates TBA]

Each one of us has a deep cellular memory of living in harmony with the natural world and our fellow humans. During each weekend of a six part series, we will will focus on a key cultural ingredient that made us successful and joyful as a species. “Nature and Ecstasy” is for those not only interested in healing and connection but in re-building Earth-honoring culture and passing it on to future generations.

While feeling our aliveness and beauty in the present moment we will hone our leadership skills, reclaim our power, and begin to re-inhabit the landscape. In doing so we will honor the spirit of our ancestors and be the hope of our descendants. For more of the flavor of our time together see the description of the longer Wild Earth Intensive (WEI) here.

You can attend one or all parts of the series. For those participating in all 6 sessions you will receive a significant discount.

Below is a list of the six weekends that take place once a month starting in April.

1) Nature Connection:  outdoor immersion, energetic attunement with the land, poetry everywhere, greater knowledge of plants and animals, feeling the elements.

2) Feeling and Healing:  Breathwork, talking circles, deep listening, honoring our emotions, Earth medicine.

3) Ceremony:   Summer Solstice!  Joy, laughter, abundance. Co-created ritual celebration.

4) Altered States of Consciousness:  Shamanic journeying, crystals, healing energy, seeing with new eyes, dreaming a new dream. 

5) Art and Music: August Sounds of Siberia, our song/s, dancing the landscape, poetry, Earth art, primordial vibration.

6) Stillness: September  meditation, awareness of space, listening to the silence the sweetness of breathing,bathing in nature chi, stars.

Although each workshop will focus on a particular cultural ingredient each will include aspects of the others and more!

Group size is limited to 12 participants. Food costs not included. Campfire Saturday evening. Further details to be announced.
Cost: $75-$100 per session
Pre-registration (easy) required. Two work exchange slots available.


Where: 42 Glasheen Rd in Nichewaug (Petersham) MA next to Earthlands.
Lodging: Free camping on site, local B&B, or possible use of Earthlands facilities (which is currently for sale)

Pre-requisite: Reading the corresponding chapter for each workshop you attend in Wild Earth, Wild Soul– A Manual for An Ecstatic Culture