If you are thrilled by the mysteries of self-discovery and healing, the wonders of the natural world, and the promise of a lasting, healthy culture you have come to the right place.

Greeting the dawn on a summer solstice several years ago, I found myself particularly connected to the miracle of Life. I was standing on the top of a cliff outcropping looking east. The trees, the birds, the moon, and fading stars all seemed to shimmer and respond to my drumming. Beauty was all around me. Thoughts of various people I loved paraded before my inner eye. I sensed my friends reaching out to those they loved and those friends doing the same… on an on, the circle growing wider and wider. And then I heard that small, still—yet firm—voice within saying:

People of the Earth rise up… rise up singing, rise up dancing, rise up in joy for another day to live.

Why not listen to that call? If not now, when?
This is what my work/play is all about. I look forward to connecting with you!